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Moving Digitally Towards Greenary

DiziYug Features


Create a new card using one of the many preloaded templates. Just fill up the data and you are ready to go.


Get notified when your connection updates the card.

My Card

Gives a hassle free way to view and edit your Dizi-Cards and select a default card with ease.


Allows users to share cards between each other effectively using either QR code, text, email, social media, and much more.


Scan and store Dizi-Cards effortlessly using QR code technology.

User Data

Get information of the user who has seen your card.


Upload photos & videos of your products and services to your Digital Business Card.


Share and manage multiple E-brochure along with your Dizi-Card.

Introducing Digital Bussiness Card

The new type of business card

➤ Emails reconstructed our method of mailing and now Dizi - Card do the same with the way we now use business cards.

➤ Dizi-Card is a go green initiative against the paper cards we use today.

➤ Finding your card could have never been this easy. No more waste of time and space.

➤ We can share, receive and store everyone's Dizi-Card and also categorise them as per our requirement.

A must have DiziYug Business Card

Go green with paperless digital business cards to experience a new smoother ,smarter and faster way of networking your business. Diziyug is on a mission to decrease the green house effect by reducing the use of paper work products.

Our generation is the first one to feel the reverberation of green house effect ,so our generation must act and prevent it for upcoming generations. Diziyug have combined modern digital technology with 300 years old tradition of sharing and exchange of business cards.

It has been statistically proven that company's sale increase on an average of 2.5% on distribution of 2000 business cards. An average professional usually uses approximately 500-1000 business cards in an entire year which is equivalent to 100 sheets of papers and approx 1100 lts of water.

Want to share your cards at conferences and trade shows? No Problem. The Card Listing feature on your tablet will allow you to list cards of your choice for participants to scan and collect. No more carrying stacks of paper business cards to those events.



New digital yug (era) is economical and also an alternative for paper business cards


Adoption of digital business card will help the future generation to retain the green gold on the earth


Grow your business by sharing your digital business card on social media (WhatsApp, Facebook and many more).

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